.Organic Pete & The Herbs.

Untitled Number 1.

For Full Effect, and optimum listening, put your headphones on, close your eyes, and see where it takes you..

Composed, Arranged, Produced by Me.
Hope you enjoy, and as always, thanks for listening.
Organic Pete

Fall From Grace.

Headphones always Recommended.

Here is a tune called 'Fall from Grace' featuring guest Herb, guitarist and vocalist Natty Wilby. We hope you enjoy, and give it a Share if you like it! thanks as always, Organic Pete

Drums, Piano, Vocals, Production - Milo McKinnon
Guitar, Vocals, Laughs - Natty Wilby

This Might not Work, but We Might as Well Just Try it Anyway.


New tune for the New year. Something a little different once again, I hope you enjoy. Composed, arranged, recorded by me. Share if you like it. Thanks as always, Organic Pete.



It's a tune entitled 'Beautiful Love' written in 1931 by Victor Young, I decided to dismantle it and give it my own twist, using its lyrics as inspiration. 
Featured as the vocalist, and my first guest herb.. is the wonderful Ineza Kerschkamp.
Also, many thanks to Owen Pratt of Flesh & Bone Studios for helping with the mix.
Thanks for listening, 
Organic Pete