Headphones Always Recommended.

for better listening.


‘The Clothes you Wear’ : A Soundscape inspired by fabric, form, and femininity.

by Milo McKinnon

This is my Soundscape that I was fortunate enough to be asked to compose for a London Fashion Week show at the ICA in London, for the designer, Roberts | Wood.

For this project, I was given the opportunity to experiment with sound in new ways that I haven’t done before, by incorporating speech from interviews between various artistes and designers, to create a flowing internal dialogue of thoughts and ideas, about empowerment, oppression, character, individuality, and femininity. And how all these things impact and influence the creative process.

I hope you enjoy it, and it takes you somewhere nice.
Thanks for listening, 

Like a Stone.

by Organic Pete & The Herbs

..like a stone tied round my waist, deep under water you drag me down...

Music: instruments and vocals written, performed, recorded, arranged and produced by me

As always, thanks for watching.
Organic Pete (watch the video on youtube)

Untitled NUmber 1.

by Organic Pete & The Herbs

For Full Effect, and optimum listening, put your headphones on, close your eyes, and see where it takes you..
Composed, Arranged, Produced by Me.
Hope you enjoy, and as always, thanks for listening.
Organic Pete


by Freddie Hubbard, arranged by Magnus Pickering & Milo McKinnon.

Live recording of me and Magnus Pickering performing Backlash by Freddie Hubbard with our band at The Amersham Arms on the 6th of December 2017. Enjoy!!!

The Band in order of Soloists are:
Dan Mulligan - Trombone (0:59)
Evan Label - Baritone Saxophone (2:19)
Magnus Pickering - Trumpet (4:08)
Mark Hurrell - Tenor Saxophone (5:12)
Milo McKinnon - Electric Piano (6:29)
Sam Ingvorsen - Upright Bass
Joel Waters - Drums

Lil’ Darlin.

by Count Basie/John Hendricks, arranged by Pete Churchill

Here's a Live recording of the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music Jazz Choir (of which I'm a proud member!) performing at the Amersham Arms in New Cross on the 6th December 2017. (Music starts at 1:00) 

Here we are, singing a tune by Count Basie called Lil' Darlin with lyrics written by John Hendricks. 
The featured soloist singing here is the wonderful Sahra Gure.
Special thanks to Pete Churchill who led and directed the project.
Recording by Kit Venables. ...Apologies for the hissing.. it's Live.. Old Skool!

Fall From Grace.

by Organic Pete & The Herbs, ft. Nat Magraw Jnr

Here is a tune called 'Fall from Grace' featuring guest Herb, guitarist and vocalist Natty Wilby. We hope you enjoy, and give it a share if you like it! Thanks as always, Organic Pete

Drums, Piano, Vocals, Production - Milo McKinnon
Guitar, Vocals, Laughs - Natty Wilby

This Might Not Work, but We Might as Well Just Try it Anyway.

by Organic Pete & The Herbs

New Music for the New Year. Something a little different once again, I hope you enjoy. Headphones Recommended. Composed Arranged Recorded by me. Share if you like it. Thanks as always, Organic Pete

Help Yourself.

by AKA Paperboy, recorded at The Pool (Miloco) Studio, London

Here's Aka Paperboy's final release for a while, called 'Help Yourself. Containing String and Brass arrangements by me, The track was recorded at The Pool - Miloco Studios, produced by Tom Bailey, and the artwork is by Frank Coxon. Special thanks to the String section Rosie Judge and Cristina Elizabeth Cooper. And to our Brass section, Jacob Cooper, Daniel Gray.

Beautiful Love.

by Organic Pete & The Herbs, ft. Ineza Kerschkamp

Here's my first release under - Organic Pete and the Herbs entitled 'Beautiful Love'. Written in 1931 by Victor Young, I decided to dismantle it and give it my own twist, using its lyrics as inspiration. Featured as the Vocalist on the track, is the wonderful Ineza Kerschkamp. Also many thanks to my good friend Owen Pratt of Flesh & Bone Studios for helping with the mix. Thanks for Listening, Organic Pete.

A Pleasant Day.

by Milo McKinnon

Here's a tune I wrote called 'A Pleasant Day' inspired by a beautiful day at the coast.


a score by Milo McKinnon for Adam Neate’s 2016 show at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms.

Here's a track I composed and recorded to accompany Adam Neate's March/April 2016 Exhibition - Heroes - at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms.


by Milo McKinnon, recorded at Flesh and Bone Studios, London

This is a song entitled 'Roses', written and composed by me, with all the instruments and vocals recorded by myself at Flesh & Bone Studios in Hackney, East London with the help of producer Owen Pratt, in October 2015. 

In the Morning.

by Aka Paperboy, recorded at Air Studios, London

This is Paperboy's latest release 'In the Morning' recorded at George Martin's Air Studios in London. The video for this song can be found on my 'Video' and 'Paperboy' pages. Artwork by Frank Coxon. It is also available to buy on my SHOP page from iTunes.

Merc - The Modern Man.

by Milo McKinnon, co-produced with Charlie Marshall

I was recently commissioned to compose and record the soundtrack for Merc Clothing's promotional video for their AutumnWinter16 Collection, featuring Commonwealth Lightweight Champion Boxer, Luke Campbell. Produced by Charlie Marshall.

The eye.

by Barney Douglas for the Soundtrack of the 2015 film, Warriors

Here is one of the tracks off the soundtrack for the Documentary film 'Warriors' by Barney Douglas. My trumpets can be heard from around 1:18! The rest of the soundtrack is available for purchase online here on - iTunes, and if you haven't seen the film already definitely check it out and buy it either here on - iTunes - or on - Amazon.

Passing Storm.

by Milo McKinnon, performed by the Christs Hospital Brass Ensemble

This is a composition, called 'Passing Storm', written for, and performed live by the Christ's Hospital Brass Ensemble at St. John's Smith Square in London in February 2013.

Jazz Room 06.

by Milo McKinnon

This is one of my first compositions I wrote, called 'Jazz Room 06' being performed by some incredible musicians from the National Youth Jazz Collective, in July 2013.